An original work by ERRATICA that crosses over between contemporary vocal and electronic music, avant-garde performance, and visual art.

Inspired by the structure of Puccini’s Il Trittico, the piece is comprised of three genre pieces – a tragedy, a comedy and a piece about nuns – each touching on themes of obsession, alienation and the desire for human connection.

Triptych was created through a devised, collaborative process in conjunction with three contemporary composers Christian Mason, Christopher Mayo, and Thomas Smetryns, with costumes by Canadian fashion designer Heidi Ackerman and sets by international artist and original YBA Gavin Turk.

“Cogent, haunting and, at the end, desperately poignant.” – Richard Morrison, The Times

“A striking new work… Fresh, daring and at ease with its various means of artistic expression.” – Guy Dammann, The Guardian

“Novel, stimulating and joyful… It may prove a highlight of the year.” – Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

First performed at The Print Room, London, in May 2014. Performed at Wilton’s Music Hall, as part of the Spitalfields 2014 Summer Festival.

 Visit the dedicated Tumblr blog to get an insight into the Triptych creation process with interviews, photos and videos.