Performed by four singers and a dancers, Remnants is an electro-folk opera, re-arranging traditional Balkan vocal music and combining it with bass-heavy electronics.

Using movement, voice-over, and archival footage, the piece depicts the intimacy and specificity of the stories, bodies, bones, and objects that remain from a tragic and troubled past.

Conceived and directed by Patrick Eakin Young, the piece incorporates vocal arrangements and compositions by award winning composer Christian Mason and electronic soundscapes by DJ and installation artist Shelley Parker. Juxtaposing voices from the past with a deep, unsettling rumbling, Remnants evokes the pain of history and the secrets that lie beneath the earth.

Download the press release here.

Remnants will premiere at the Print Room at the Coronet, London, in June 2017.

Remnants is supported by PRS for Music Foundation.