For Amusement Purposes Only



An interactive pinball ballet from ERRATICA with music by Matt Rogers

A vintage pinball cabinet is the controller for an interactive dance film installation. As an audience member plays the pinball table, a video dance piece unfolds on projection screens throughout the space.

The action of the pinball itself—colliding, gliding, flicking, and bouncing across the machine—remixes the film in real time, while also generating the dynamic, sample-driven soundtrack that accompanies it.

Defying definitions of genre and form, For Amusement Purposes Only engages audiences with the participatory spectacle of gameplay. Both high- and low-brow, cutting-edge and retro, it is always shifting in its configurations and meaning.

For Amusement Purposes Only will be developed at during a residency at Rambert. It is supported by Dance Umbrella and will be presented at their 2018 festival.