Champ: A Space Opera


Champ is an original sci-fi rock ballet created in conjunction with the Brooklyn-based indie rock band Champollion.

In the future, a lone ship speeds through the cosmos, carrying the last remnants of the human race. Champollion, the ship’s watchman, sits listening to broken signals sent out hundreds of years ago from the now-dead earth. One night, Champ hears a woman’s voice coming through the machine. But when he shares this message with the rest of the crew, he upsets the balance of the tiny space community, and jeopardizes the future of the mission and of humanity.

Champ features an eight-piece band playing—among more tradition instruments—Theremin, glockenspiel, vintage synthesizers and sampler, as well as choreography by John Heginbotham and video projections created by Supermarché.

TimeOut New York Critic’s Pick

“[An] aggressively weird goulash” – Noah Tarnow, TimeOut New York

First performed at the New York International Fringe Festival 2007.